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Would you like to be featured ? As a High Horse LA "Show Girl" you get to show of your Horse(S) and what inspired you to wear one. Please send a photo of you, any links or things you would like to share. 

Send Clear Photos to -

Our First "Show Girl" 

Introducing Katie !

Katie, a Hairstylist in Los Angeles, with a passion for music and being a bad ass Mom. Katie shared her Daughter Natalie was born in the year of the Horse. 


Even posting on Instagram wearing it.

Also wearing it in her Instagram profile photo ! 

Next, we have BJ, who lives in Ventura. A North Carolina native. Alas, BJ is battling MS. Horses are now being used for patients of MS. BJ shared - "for every 7 times I fall, Ill get up 8. 

Here she is wearing her High Horse LA necklace in the Rhodium finish. If you would like to reach out to BJ - please contact me.

Absolute Horse Magazine - A UK Horse publication.

This is Emma, luckily she LOVES the necklace in Rose Gold. Emma will be reviewing it, and sharing it with riders around the British Countryside.

Here is the lovely Liza from Florida. Not only an accomplished horsewoman, a fashionista to boot. Pictured here wearing the classic Gold version 


Here is a Mother and Daughter, both rocking th Classic Gold - Meet Alison and Marion.